Special #Announcement Blog Update

Published February 24, 2016 by Ashley Montgomery

I’m not really sure what to say. I guess the best way is to just say it.

I had some personal issues happen to me almost two weeks ago that took me out of town. I’m not comfortable revealing them to the world so I won’t. I had to leave Friday two weeks ago and didn’t get back until this past Monday.

I apologize to everyone this has affected. I’m so behind right now with missed posts, reviews, emails, etc. I’m working on catching up as quickly as I can. I’ll be posting my missed posts other than reviews but I’m not sure when. I’ll need to work them around my upcoming posts. I’m hoping to begin posting again starting Sunday. I’ll email links when posts are done.

As far as reviews go, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to them. I’ll be working on them in order as quickly as possible but I do have other upcoming reviews I need to do. I’ll work them in as well and will email links when they are posted.

Again, I apologize to everyone this has had an impact on. I know authors depend on us to get the word out and it’s saddening when posts don’t go up. I’ll be working on emailing tour hosts, authors, etc. the rest of the week to notify them of the circumstances.


6 comments on “Special #Announcement Blog Update

  • Hey Ashley, don’t worry about a thing. I, too, went through a personal struggle last year that had an impact on my reading and my blogging and it took a couple of months to work through it and get back into the zone. Although I’m sure your readers appreciate your devotion and feelings of obligation, the most important thing is YOU — you need to take the time you need, and come back when you’re ready. Your readers will be waiting when you’re ready to come back =) XOXO

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