#TTT Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Published May 9, 2017 by Ashley Montgomery


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Here are my answers (in no particular order) to this week’s question

1. Beauty related cozies – I love my cozies and my dream is to go to school for cosmetology so I’d love to see more beauty themes in this genre.

2. Extreme sports romances – I’ve only read one series and that was Tracy Wolff’s Extreme Series. I’d love to see more along these lines than the typical football and hockey romances, although I do love those too.

3. Holiday books – I love a good holiday story and I’d love to find more of those. I’d also like them to be more than just Christmas stories. I’d like to see stories revolving around Halloween, Easter, etc.

4. Best friend books – I love a good book that tells the story of two best friends. I’d particularly like to see more of this in YA and NA instead of the usual romance stuff. While romance wouldn’t bother me, I’d like to see more of the story revolving around the friendship than the romance.

5. Flashback books – I really didn’t know what to call this but I’d love to see books set in like the 80s and 90s when I grew up. No cellphones or computers, take us back to passing notes in class, having to use a landline, etc. I think it would bee cool to read books about growing up during this time period.

6. Bad girl and Good guy – While I do love me a bad boy, I’d like to see the roles reversed. Bad girl falls for good guy and vice versa.

7. Female detective – I love a good mystery, thriller, romantic suspense etc. but it seems the detective is always male. I’d love to see more female cops, detectives, agents, etc.

8. Forensic career – Lisa Black writes the Theresa MacLean series in which the lead is a forensic scientist. I’ve always been fascinated with this field and even wanted to be just like the people on CSI when I grew up. I’d love to see more books along this line, bonus points if it’s a female lead.

9. Female rock stars – There’s tons of rock star books out there but not many with a female lead. I’d like to see more of those.

10. Mental health – As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I’d like to see more books that incorporate this issue. One of my favorite books has been Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock in which the male lead suffers from bipolar disorder.

I thought I was going to fly right through this list but it was a lot harder once I sat down to do it. Do you share any of my wishes? What are yours?


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