#Excerpt #Giveaway Let Me In (The Ink Well Chronicles #1) by Jordan Bates

Published October 18, 2017 by Ashley Montgomery

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Let Me In (The Ink Well Chronicles #1) by Jordan Bates
Publication date: September 24th 2017
Genres: Romance



It was something I thrived on once. Something that I longed to have in my life every day, and when I found it at a young age, I clung to it. I snatched up the boy as fast as I could, intending to make him mine forever.


I never expected my marriage to turn out the way it did. I never expected for my husband to let me go. For that love that I had invested in to come crumbling down around me. Something that once gave me such great joy.


After the pieces of myself broke, I was surprised to find a man who was willing to pick them up, to catch me as I fell. What he wanted from me though, I didn’t know if I could give him. All he wanted was for me to let him in.

Lilly had set us up with junk food for each day so that we wouldn’t have to leave the apartment. Even on Sunday, Erica came over for a vent session on life in general. Around eight that night the doorbell rang. All three of us looked at it in confusion since our pizza had already arrived twenty minutes ago and we hadn’t ordered anything else.
“I’ll get it.” I offered to get up from the comfort of the couch first. I was dressed in my yoga shorts, a tank with a large knitted sweater draped over me, and long socks. It covered enough and was comfortable, so I wasn’t afraid to answer the door in only that. I wasn’t prepared when I answered the door though.
“What the hell are you doing answering the door in that?!” Max’s anger radiated through the entire apartment. I was pretty sure our neighbors had heard him. I didn’t have time to answer as he dragged me off to my bedroom and closed the door behind us. He remembered there was no lock on my door, so he pulled my chair over and propped it under the door handle. “Why haven’t you answered my texts?”
“You can’t just storm in here like that!” I moved myself away from him to the middle of the room. I got a better look at Max now, though. The small light in my room showed me an unshaven face, unkempt shirt, and wrinkled pants. This wasn’t the Max that I knew, but for some reason it drew me more towards him, just as it had when I had seen him in his kitchen. He was losing himself with me, and I couldn’t figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.
“I can and I did.”
“You can’t just intrude on my life whenever you want to.” Max didn’t care what I was telling him; he stalked closer to me. “I didn’t text you back because I needed time to think.”
“And what have you been thinking about?” I couldn’t look him in the eyes as he moved into my space. Heat emanated off his body, but instead of warming me, it sent shivers up my spine.
“You.” It was the truth. All I had been thinking about was Max, even when I tried not to. He just seemed to linger in my thoughts.
“And…?” I had to say it. Someone did.
“I don’t think I can be the woman you want, and I don’t think you can be the man that I need.” I didn’t know why I said it, but in my heart, I knew that at least a little of what I was telling him was the truth, just maybe not the part about him. I heard his sharp gasp as he took another step forward. Our bodies were pressed together, but nothing else touched but our chests.
He took my face in his hands. We stood there, staring at each other. I knew he wasn’t the kind of guy I needed right now, but I couldn’t help the pull that I felt towards him. I closed my eyes and breathed in. Max leaned his forehead against mine and I took a step closer. His hands moved down to my waist, looping around me.
“Max, I can’t do this. I’m not ready to settle down again.”
“You talk too much.” His lips touched mine, and that was when I opened my eyes. I pushed him away quickly, but Max’s hold tightened on me.
“You can’t just fix things with a kiss.”
“There isn’t anything to fix yet, but I’ll remember that.” He brought my face back close to his. “You don’t have to settle down with me yet, but I’m not letting you out of my life.”



Jordan Bates is an up and coming romance author from Florida, who is determined to write loves that last and are true to everyone who reads them.
Jordan graduated from UCF with a degree in English – Creative Writing. She has been writing since her freshman year in high school, where she finished her first and second book. Since then, she has pursued writing poetry, young adult novels, and romance novels.
When she isn’t working or writing, you can find her looking for inspiration among the forests, and finding all the new food to eat. Because what’s better than writing? Eating an amazing burrito.

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